Emirates Draw Ticket Prices: Coupons and Discounts

If you’re thinking about buying an Emirates Draw ticket, why not buy one at the lowest possible price with some coupons and discounts, if there are any?

Emirates Draw Mega 7 ticket price is set at AED 50 in 2023, while Easy 6 is set at AED 15, which is three times cheaper. Yet both draw tickets are still selling like there is no tomorrow, as people love Emirates Draw’s lottery games, and they are really offering much better prizes compared to their peers in the world. If you have an Emirates Draw promo code, you can get the tickets for a lower price.

But Emirates Draw run some promotions time to time and sharing coupons or they are having some special partnerships that help you to get some extras.

Emirates Draw Coupons & Promo Codes

There is no public coupon promotion for Emirates Draw at the moment. We are going to update you as soon as possible when we get information on the next coupons.

But there is another promotion currently running. It’s not exactly a coupon, but it provides you with a free loyalty purchase for your first Emirates Draw ticket purchase, either Mega 7 or Easy 6. Here are the details:

Emirates Draw Bounz Coupon
Bounz – Emirates Draw Promotion

A company called Bounz, which is a loyalty card service, gives 3333 BOUNZ points, which are equivalent to the MEGA7 ticket price of AED 50, to get another ticket when you purchase a ticket from Emirates Draw.

Simply purchase one Emirates Draw ticket using the BOUNZ app, and you will receive loyalty points sufficient to purchase another ticket for free! Visit BounzRewards.com* to get more information on this.

*Please read their terms and conditions before proceeding, as we have no affiliation with the Bounz website.

Where can I get Emirates Draw coupons?

You can get them by following Emirates Draw’s social media pages, like Facebook and Instagram. You can also simply follow us to get information about the latest Emirates Draw coupons, as we will be updating this page regularly whenever we get information about new coupons.

Emirates Draw Discounts

Unfortunately, there are no discounts for both Mega 7 and Easy 6 at the moment. Draw tickets are selling at the usual prices.

Where can I get Emirates Draw discounts?

If you follow Emirates Draw’s social channels, you might get information about any discounts. However, no discounts are currently available, but we will notify our readers as soon as any discounts become available.

Emirates Draw Ticket Prices

Emirates Draw currently has two draws, and their pricing is different. Here are the ticket prices for each draw:

  • Mega 7: AED 50 (win up to AED 160 million dirhams)
  • Easy 6: AED 15 (win up to AED 15 million dirhams)

Emirates Draw Ticket Prices for 2023

There is no information about the next year’s ticket prices, but there is a chance that they might get a bit more expensive in 2023, but it’s not confirmed. We are going to update our readers about the Emirates Draw ticket prices for 2023 as soon as we get information from the Emirates Draw team.


In conclusion, Emirates Draw ticket prices were not reduced. So don’t worry if you have already purchased tickets. And if any coupons come up, you can still enjoy discounted prices in the future.

Follow us to get the latest information about Emirates Draw and its promotions today.

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